The Best Content Curation Tools In 2016

Looking to curate content and want to do it in an appealing manner that will cultivate results? You have to look at the foundation of your processes and the tools being used. If you are not using the right tools, how are you going to expect to see good results? It won’t happen, and you will never get as far as you need to go with your content strategy.

Here are three tools that are a must in your virtual toolkit to succeed in the short-term and over the long haul. If you don’t include them, you won’t get far.

Tool #1: Mind Manager

Mind maps are one of the best things you can use when it comes to creating content. If you have a lot of ideas, and there is content lying around for you to work with, a mind map is going to help.

If a mind map is what you need, Mind Manager is the best option for it. The features are smooth, and the interface is a joy to work with for anyone even beginners. You will hop on and love how they have laid it all out for you.

Tool #2: Domo

This is a big name among content curation tools and there is a reason behind this. It is a tool that is made to optimize everything. You can use it as a way to visualize all of the data that is in your possession. It is a far better version of any other statistical tool you will have used in the past. It makes it easier to read through and it organizes everything to a point where you are amazed at how things are unfolding. If you’re serious about your content, use Domo without question.

Tool #3: Sorcd

If you’re looking for an effective content management tool, look no further. Sorc’d, while newer, packs a mean punch to help with your content curation and content aggregation needs. The tool allows you to quickly and easily manage and share your content. If you need to keep your content organized for yourself, a small group, or an entire team, you should definitely be using Sorc’d.

Tool #4: Airstory

Ever had too many notes and just wondered how you are going to search through all of it? Content is not going to be created until you have a good idea of what you have to work with.

This is where Airstory comes in. It is designed to help you take all of the content that is on hand and turn it into manageable cards. You can search through these cards and do as you please with them. You can search through them and organize how they are listed to get a better idea of how the content will be shaped. It is a powerful tool.

Using these content curation tools is one of the ways to gain an advantage over the rest. You will be ahead because you are using tools that are saving time and optimizing what you are doing. Others might have things that are better than yours, like a lawyer search engine marketing firm (side note: they can help get more cases regarding paternity and pregnancy as well). But, they have to get their processes up to par as well. You can’t expect anything if the processes are not there.

Understanding The Intricacies Of Content Curation

When first learning about content development, curation, and aggregation, many people tend to think it’s just a collection of content or articles about similar topics. When curated properly, however, content can be extremely powerful and used for a variety of purposes.

This quick video outlines a bit about content curation, what it is, and how it can help when it’s executed properly.